Is your professional staff prepared to connect and engage in a networked world? Ambrogi Strategic Media provides on-site seminars and training on cutting-edge tools for marketing and media. Our founder, Bob Ambrogi, is internationally recognized as an Internet innovator. He founded the first Internet newsletter for lawyers, one of the earliest legal blogs and a multiple-award-winning legal-affairs podcast.

“Bob is an excellent presenter, an engaging speaker, and incredibly knowledgeable about tools and trends in the marketing of law firms over the Internet. His background and experience make him uniquely well-suited to working with attorneys in exploring and evaluating the electronic marketing world.”

– Head of marketing and administration
Boston law firm

We tailor our seminars and on-site training programs to your needs. Topics we cover include:

  • Cutting-edge marketing online.
  • Social and professional networking for legal professionals.
  • The Why 1.0 of Web 2.0.
  • Starting Successful Blogs and Podcasts.
  • Understanding RSS and Syndication.
  • Law Firm PR in a Digital Age.


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