Far too many legal professionals still do not “get” media. We say this not to criticize, but because we believe we can help them get closer to getting it. Once, it was hard enough for a business just to make news. Now, in this wired world, businesses must also be publishers of their news. To complicate matters, “media” becomes ever more multifaceted. It spans a spectrum from traditional print and broadcast to cutting-edge forms of communicating and networking.

Our experience spans a similar spectrum. We have worked in media from all sides – editor-in-chief of the National Law Journal, vice president of an international media-relations firm, newspaper publisher, book author, practicing lawyer, award-winning technology columnist and online pioneer.

It is a background that uniquely qualifies us to help law firms and legal vendors ensure that they do, in fact, get it — and then know what to do with it. Building buzz is rarely as simple as slapping together a blog. We will work with you to develop and implement a plan that incorporates the right elements of traditional media and new media.

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